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    Arthur Schafer is Founding Director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics, at the University of Manitoba.  From 1985 – 2015 he was the Centre’s Director. Arthur Schafer is also a Full Professor in the Department of Philosophy and an Ethics Consultant for the Department of Child Health at the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  For ten years he was Head of the Section of Bio-Medical Ethics in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Manitoba.  He has served as Visiting Scholar Green College, Oxford.

    Professor Schafer has received a number of awards and honours.  He is a Canadian Commonwealth Scholar, Honorary Woodrow Wilson Scholar, a Canada Council Fellow.  At the University of Manitoba he has received the Stanton Teaching Excellence Award, the Campbell Award for University Outreach, and the University Teaching Service Award for Teaching Excellence.

    Arthur Schafer has published widely in the fields of moral, social, and political philosophy.  He is author of The Buck Stops Here: Reflections on moral responsibility, democratic accountability and military values, and co-editor of Ethics and Animal Experimentation. He also co-edited Fragile Freedoms: The Global Struggle for Human Rights, published by Oxford University Press. His curriculum vitae lists more than 90 scholarly articles and book chapters, covering a wide range of topics, with a special focus on issues in professional and bio-medical ethics, business and environmental ethics.  He has made several hundred conference presentations in Canada and abroad, and has written dozens of newspaper articles for The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Medical Post, and The Sunday Times (London).

    The Ethic Slam commemorates his hard work and encourages future generations to develop and hone their critical thinking skills within ethical dialogue. 


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