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  • June 14, 2023

    MARL’s new member. Welcome Claire!


    My name is Xiaoxia Li, and I go by the name of Claire. I come from China, and I am currently pursuing my Master of Human Rights degree at the University of Manitoba.

    My current journey is shaped by profound personal encounters and an unyielding determination to effect positive change. Growing up in a small but bustling town in China, I witnessed the harsh realities of inequality, discrimination, and violence that plagued my community. These experiences left a lasting impact on me, nurturing a profound empathy and a dedication to seek alternative viewpoints and drive meaningful changes. Human rights, a distant and unfamiliar notion, were scarcely spoken about or discussed. When faced with clear violations of basic human rights, I struggled to find the words to articulate the injustices.

    While pursuing my studies at the University of Manitoba, I was exposed to a wealth of knowledge and insight that broadened my perspective. Interacting with fellow students who shared my passion, I soon realized the crucial significance of human rights education. I observed that many individuals, much like me, were confused and lacked the necessary knowledge to navigate their rights. It became evident to me that this type of education was not only lacking in my home country but also in Canada, where I sought refuge and new opportunities. This realization ignited a passion within me and solidified my commitment to the journey of human rights education. I firmly believe that human rights education provides individuals with the language, tools, and unwavering confidence needed to confront injustices and protect their own rights as well as the rights of others. Therefore, I chose MARL to do my practicum to help individuals discover the power of their voices and gain the agency to advocate for meaningful change.

    Each injustice I encountered, every silenced voice, and every marginalized individual bore down on me with immense weight. By devoting myself to human rights education, I not only release the burdens of my past but also work towards building a world where justice and compassion prevail. It is my hope that through our collective efforts, we can create a future where people’s diversity is valued, liberties are respected, and rights are lived.

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