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  • October 21, 2021

    MARL’s NEW Executive Director, Dr. Sandra Krahn

    We are excited to welcome Sandra Krahn (she/her) as MARL’s new Executive Director! 


    Sandra is a Metis human rights educator with over 20 years of experience in educational organizations. As MARL’s new Executive Director, she plans to leverage her experiences and education to advance the conversation and education of human rights in the Province of Manitoba.

    Sandra (she/her) holds a Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict Studies from the University of Manitoba. Before pursuing her Ph.D., she started her career as a public school teacher. During this first phase of her career, namely while teaching at Vincent Massey Collegiate, Krahn began looking in-depth at social justice issues as the school’s UNESCO project leader. Her time as a teacher made her realize, witness, and learn more about the barriers people face to access education, a universal human right. Sandra’s desire is to help address such barriers and continue to tackle and understand social justice issues was the catalyst that motivated her to pursue her Master in Peace and Conflict Studies and shortly after a Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict Studies. 

    “Human rights means learning and understanding the social dimensions of marginalization and taking down the barriers faced by many people to create a more egalitarian society.” – Dr. Sandra Krahn

    Before becoming MARL’s Executive Director, Sandra served as MARL’s Education Coordinator. Under this role, she expanded MARL’s workshop roster and worked on key initiatives, including the City of Winnipeg’s first anti-racism week, to advance the conversation of human rights in the province. For Sandra, part of the education process and the workshops completed at MARL aims to address barriers and teach people about their rights. She feels that human rights educations are undoubtedly a form of human rights advocacy.

    “Without human rights education, we are unable to do human rights advocacy and activism. People must know their rights to be able to exercise their rights.” -Dr. Sandra Krahn

    As the new Executive Director, Dr. Sandra Krahn is looking forward to increasing MARL’s networks and partnerships and providing students with opportunities within the organization. MARL is very excited to welcome Dr. Sandra Krahn as MARL’s new Executive Director and cannot wait to see the organization’s progress under her leadership. 

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