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  • May 16, 2022

    Gaser (Bridge) by Izzeddin Hawamda



    “Gaser” (which means Bridge in Arabic and Hebrew) is an interfaith dialogue group that works to promote awareness, dialogue, and empathy-building regarding Israel and Palestine.

    We began by doing speaking engagements and workshops with groups at places like Menno Simons College, Winnipeg Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, the Centre for Christian Studies, and the University of Winnipeg Global College.

    As a group we have recently been in direct talks with other organizations to begin examining how to foster dialogue locally and potentially internationally regarding Israeli/Palestinian and Muslim/Jewish relationships.

    Our Mission:

    • Fostering and modelling respectful dialogue on peace and justice, particularly as it relates to Israel and Palestine.
    • Acknowledging diverse perspectives and intersectionality
    • Involving the local community in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.
    • Recognizing the significance of discussing peace and justice on the lands of the First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people.

    Our Vision

    • Create spaces for dialogue between Jewish and Palestinian peoples, as well as allies, with the intent to humanize the other.
    • Nurture empathy and compassion
    • Develop and facilitate local opportunities for education on peace, dialogue, and Israel-Palestine
    • Cultivate a sense of community through shared goals, narratives, and (ideally) food.

    Website link: https://gaserbridge.wixsite.com/gaser

    Email: gaserbridge@gmail.com

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