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  • May 29, 2024

    Fabiola and her commitment to Human Rights

    Fabiola Mlika is a Practicum Student at MARL
    Summer 2024

    As a recent graduate of Canadian Mennonite University with a degree in Peace and Conflict Transformation, Mlika has dedicated her life to advancing human rights and liberties. Deep commitment to understanding and solving the root causes of conflict has shaped this area. She has been actively involved with youth for the past four years because she sees them as catalysts of positive change in our communities. She has developed great interpersonal skills and an excellent understand of collaboration and effective communication, as a result of this experience. Making significant contributions to initiatives that promote justice and peace is something she is excited to do with her degree and real-world experience. 

    What does human rights mean to you? 

    I consider human rights as an essential component of a society that is fair and just. These are the minimal requirements that guarantee everyone is treated equally and with respect, such as freedom from slavery or torture, access to healthcare, and the right to an education. They serve as the foundation around which we build a society free from oppression and fear. Marl envisions that “everyone should live right”. 

    What prompted your involvement in your community? 

    My main reason for being involved in the community is to improve the lives of those around me and the community. Engaging in activities such as volunteering, attending workshops, or offering help to community projects allows me to build connections with others, address common problems, and work towards shared objectives for a more promising future. 

    What is the biggest lesson you have learned from community involvement? 

    My involvement in the community has taught me the value of cooperation and teamwork primarily. Together, we can accomplish more than we could if we work towards common goals. Collaboration, understanding, and empathy are essential for creating a community that is stronger and more resilient. 

    What interested you about MARL? 

    The commitment of the Manitoba Association for Human Rights & Liberties to advocating for and protecting human rights and liberties caught my interest. Their emphasis on promoting justice, equality, and human dignity for all people is in line with my own values, and I respect their dedication to creating a society in which everyone is treated fairly and with respect. Joining such an organization would offer a chance to positively impact the community and make a real contribution to these important initiatives. 

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