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    Jennifer Breddam

    Jennifer is a social justice advocate at heart and endeavours to incorporate the values of inclusivity, equity, and authenticity into her life and work. Jenn is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in labour studies with an Indigenous studies minor at the University of Manitoba and has over ten years of human resource and labour relations experience in the private and public sectors. When she isn’t studying or spending time with loved ones, Jenn supports her community through volunteerism. She holds a position on the Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities (MLDP) board, is President of the Labour Studies Students’ Association, and is a refugee resettlement advisor. Additionally, Jenn is a Burns Leadership Institute Fellow and has studied multilateral diplomacy and leadership at the United Nations. She hopes that through her role on MARL’s board, she can learn from and be of service to Manitobans facing human rights barriers.