Under 18 Handbook

We’re excited to launch our new and improved Under 18 Handbook!


Persons under the age of 18 have a special place in our society. As members of the whole society, they are governed by most of the laws that everyone else lives with. But because they are not adults, there are other distinct laws that apply only to people under 18.


We have written this handbook principally for people between the ages of 12 and 18. It is intended to introduce various laws and community resources that young persons can use. While many laws discussed or referred to are common to all Manitobans, there is specific emphasis on those rules that affect only youth under 18.


We have also written this handbook for teachers and others who work with youth in the community. We hope that having access to this handbook will be helpful to you and the young people with whom you come into contact.


Download the Under 18 Handbook Today!