About Us


The Manitoba Association for Rights and Liberties (MARL) offers several programs and services. The direction for these initiatives come from the behind the scenes work done by MARL’s various committees. We invite our members, volunteers and those interested in being more actively involved to volunteer in this rewarding committee work that helps drive our organization. MARL has four main committees, with a variety of interest areas:

Charter Rights and Legislative Review Committee

The Charter Rights Legislative Review Committee (“CRLRC”) is responsible for staying abreast of issues affecting the human rights and civil liberties of Manitobans.  In particular, the CRLRC reviews proposed provincial legislation and prepares oral and written submissions when a relevant bill reaches the committee level at the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba.  In addition, the CRLRC is active in public commentary through various media sources including in the newspaper, radio and on televised news casts. Finally, the CRLRC is involved in organizing various community based initiatives for raising awareness regarding of issues related to MARL’s mandate of addressing civil liberties and human rights concerns in Manitoba.

Education Committee

The Education committee’s mandate is to promote human rights education within schools and community by offering resources to teachers, discovery opportunities for middle and senior years students and engaging events for the public.  This committee believes in providing pertinent information to all community members, and by doing so protecting their rights; it is in unison that we are strong. This committee works directly with MARL’s Human Rights Education Program and well as our other Public Education initiatives.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining MARL’s communications and fundraising resources and strategies. This committee is constantly evolving to discover better ways in which MARL can communicate and raise our profile both to our membership and to the community in general. This committees also works to prepare and design the organizations communications and fundraising materials such as leaflets, brochures, banners, membership cards and forms, newsletters, and facebook website updates.

Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee is comprised of at least two Board Members and the Executive Director. It was created to determine the necessary skills required for good governance as well as to ensure community representation on the Board; to recruit and prepare a slate of candidates for election to the Board of Directors as defined in the Constitution; and to provide education and training opportunities to maintain Board competence. The Committee also provides orientation for new Board members, facilitates annual Board self-assessment and makes recommendations to the Board as needed, and is responsible for developing and updating the Board succession plan on an annual basis.

Membership & Volunteer Development Committee

The Membership & Volunteer Development Committee is committed to building and increasing volunteer participation and membership with MARL. The committee believes in the people that help run and support the organization and are committed to growing MARL to reach all community members, educational institutions, and other organizations. They work closely with the fundraising and communications committees to ensure that MARL is being represented community-wide and providing transparent information to our supporters.